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About Me

A ballad of zeal and divine influence. 

That is the affirmation harmonized through self-instructed creator Medina Mizan’s visual love story. Romanticized through her lens, Mizan’s artistry is shepherd by her zest for photography - a means of expression she uses to probe and commemorate a variety of personalities and customs captured through her alluring imagery. 


Born and raised in New Jersey, Medina resides in Washington D.C. 


As a visual storyteller, the Ethiopian-American photographer aims to intersect her passion for beauty, high fashion, and culture for the greater purpose of creating timeless compositions. Mizan’s pride as a perfectionist is elevated in her meticulous attention to detail, which is portrayed in how she captures a subject through her unique lens. She composes a euphoria of emotions through her work, exploiting the color wheel and painting a canvas with eye-catching vibrancy. 


Starting her photography and creative direction journey in 2020, what’s next for Medina? She intends on continuing to challenge the status quo for Black women photographers by magnifying a variety of identities through her artistry.

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